Microgrid Design

AmperSolar works with expert design engineers for microgrid projects ranging from residential and community, to commercial and industrial levels. A typical microgrid project consists of multiple sources of power generation with energy storage. Our designers are adept with leading-edge technologies to provide reliable and cost-effective microgrid designs for customized microgrid applications.

Our engineers keenly study and analyze client requirements to understand the project goals and then design a cost-effective and reliable combination of software, power generation, and energy storage while ensuring that the design meets the requirement of both the utility and local authorities, and electrical codes. An optimized microgrid is capable of offering a variety of benefits such as stable high quality power, energy reliability with zero downtime, and savings in energy bills. for residential, commercial, industrial and utility purposes. AmperSolar designs solar microgrids for the following processes and project types:

  • Microgrids for commercial, industrial, residential and community premises
  • 24/7 microgrid power supply with backup and emergency supply
  • Online monitoring and sensing for maximum reliability
  • Grid stability, resiliency, and reliability
  • Remote facility infrastructure and operations support
  • Off-grid and rural facilities

In case you are looking to add a solar microgrid to your business or community, you have landed at the right place! Contact AmperSolar for the design, engineering, and development of solar microgrids. Get in touch with our solar microgrid design engineers today and enjoy our customer-oriented service!

Solar microgrid design