Power System Study

AmperSolar is known to excel at on-site studies and analysis, several types of power system and quality studies (diverse power system and quality studies using cutting edge software, ETAP, SKM and Easy Power software), design engineering, failure analysis and corrective investigations. Equipped with industry-standard software, our team of power engineers is capable of advanced modeling and analysis for successful solar project completion. Like other engineering processes, Power System Studies cover various areas of work as follows:

  • Power engineering consulting services
  • Short-circuit analysis
  • Arc flash study
  • Protective device coordination
  • Selective coordination analysis
  • Load flow study/power factor correction study
  • Harmonic analysis study
  • Power quality site survey
  • Underground raceway systems study
  • Transient stability study
  • Switching transient analysis
  • Distribution systems reliability analysis
  • Dynamic simulation
load flow analysis Power System study