Energy Storage Design

AmperSolar can provide engineering and design services for your Storage Financial Modeling & Technology Consulting. Our engineers are well versed with battery modelling, equipment evaluation, construction drawings and specifications for permitting review and PE stamping as per NEC, NESC, NFPA 70E, IEEE, ANSI and NEMA standards.

Whether you are new to the Energy Storage System (ESS) industry or familiar with installation procedure or own an ESS, AmperSolar is here to assist you to successfully complete your solar energy storage project. Our engineers guarantee a compliance proof and tailored set of design and engineering services as per the latest engineering technologies, application, and utility requirement. Our Energy Storage Services for Utility-scale, Commercial & Industrial, Residential and Microgrid Systems includes:

  • Load Analysis, Energy Simulation, and Degradation Analysis
  • Battery storage system sizing, performance modelling & optimization
  • Hybrid PV system integration with ESS, wind turbines, back-up diesel generator etc.
  • Techno-economic analysis and feasibility study of energy storage systems
  • Analyzing cost saving opportunities by charging batteries from grid during off-peak hours and discharging during peak hours
  • Environmental & emissions analysis
  • Designs for DC- or AC-coupled energy storage systems
  • Solar energy storage utility interconnection processing
  • Interconnection/IC drawing
  • Permit drawings for utility and permit processing
  • Electrical PE stamps as per states and jurisdictions
Energy storage Design