Residential Solar Design

Are you an EPC looking to speed up installation for your residential customers? It can be a dreary job considering various steps involved in the process before handing the solar power system to your client. The crucial and most tedious among them is to get permits for the solar power system. Moreover, an energy audit may be needed to understand the exact needs of the house.

AmperSolar is your one stop solution with licensed engineers for all the three procedures – electrical, designing plan drawings and stamping. We are here to provide you end-to-end solutions for all your needs.

We at AmperSolar have expertise in- financial modeling, technology consulting, drawings, schematics, energy simulations, calculations and permits of the best standards and in compliance with the authorities and government. AmperSolar promises you to provide the most accurate solar-plus-storage designs to save you from any hassle and extra cost to ensure quick approval of the permit. According to your house requirements, we will design the residential solar plan set and permit with the following features:

  • 3D modeling and simulation
  • Analyzing your energy needs
  • Schematic line drawings
  • Two-dimensional layout drawings
  • System layout & design
  • Energy modeling & simulation
  • Battery storage design
  • Equipment selection
  • Protection & Interconnection Design
  • Permit drawing
  • Financial assessment and savings calculation

At AmperSolar, we prepare the solar design plans strictly adhering to local, state and utility regulations. We excel at drafting – Cover Sheet, Site Plan, Roof Framing Plan, Electrical Plan, Single Line Diagram, Three Line Diagram and Labels & Datasheets as per the industry standards and jurisdictional requirements. Our experienced Engineers focus on analyzing the existing electrical infrastructure to determine the most economic design and interconnection options. We also specialize in studying and designing single-line or three-line diagrams (3LD), evaluation of open circuit voltage and other such calculations as per the inspection standards.

Residential Solar Design Residential Solar System Design