Commercial & Industrial Solar Design

Commercial and Industrial solar system consists of varieties of solar designs, construction drawings, and specifications for different project types and sizes. Our team of expert engineers offer services in the capacity of consulting, designing, and stamping of variety of Commercial and Industrial solar projects sizes, and providing code compliant solar solutions to match your needs. AmperSolar has hands-on experience in generating commercial permit packages to enable safe and efficient installations. We are committed to offer technical precision and constructability to every project we work on.

Our team is proficient at providing complete permit-ready plan sets as per NEC, NESC, NFPA 70E, IEEE, ANSI, ICC and NEMA standards. We offer energy analysis, financial modeling, review utility bills, study energy consumption, formulate solar models with solar resource assesment, and simulations of energy generation and cost savings to optimize the perfect solar system size for your premises. Being in the engineering industry for 20+ years has shaped our expertise in designing and managing commercial and industrial solar projects ranging up to 80MWAC. To reap the full advantage of the commercial solar power system, its continuous operation should be ensured. Continuously escalating energy costs can greatly affect the future of businesses. An optimally designed and maximal uptime solar power system is a lucrative investment towards the future energy needs of your business.

AmperSolar engineers and designers create full Commercial & Industrial Solar Design package which is a complex engineering process and follows a clearly defined engineering protocol. Having a well-drafted primary drawing, Interconnection (IC) drawing, financial model, technical due diligence, and clear documentation is vital for expedient approval and cost-effective installation. A typical commercial & industrial solar design package includes a fully code-compliant interconnection process along with expert planning and technology consultation by our highly experienced engineers.

We at AmperSolar rely on our licensed & registered engineers for designing, reviewing, signing, and stamping engineering documents. So, if you own a fast-paced commercial or industrial-facility, our tailor-made plans will get you the permit and PE stamping without any hassle. We guarantee professional services to each of our client’s project requirements.

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