About AmperSolar

AmperSolar is a leading firm in the solar power industry aiming to provide solar engineering, consultation and permit-ready deliverables across 49 USA states.  With extensive expertise for years in the engineering and consulting business we are committed to serve the needs of solar installers and developers throughout the project. Our team of proficient engineers can customize the design plans to get you the permit and stamping needed for successful permit approval and installation. AmperSolar accelerates your designing and permitting process of utility-scale, commercial & industrial scale, and residential solar photovoltaic projects. Our dedication towards customer service ensures successful fast-paced engineering and permitting for each of our projects we serve.

Our Solar PV Engineering team provides engineering support throughout all phases of project starting with preliminary design, conceptual design, full construction design, post installation technical support and construction administration. AmperSolar can provide installation layouts, developing one-line and three-line diagrams, solar and electrical calculations, construction drawings, equipment review selection, system simulation and yield assessment.  AmperSolar designers are experts at developing Solar PV design plan which include but not limited to equipment selection, complete plant layout, yield optimization, power system analysis, cable management strategy, ground coverage ratio, inverter power factor requirements, inverter loading ratio, and cable sizing. Our PV Engineering team works towards ensuring due diligence and exceeding standards to ease project completion. Our QA/QC process ensures that all of our designs meet national and local construction and building codes.

Our dedication to help our clients and to the solar energy future keeps on growing further!

AmperSolar’s team of engineers and designers are adept and experienced in handling solar design projects of varying sizes and topologies.

Our full design, evaluation and stamping process is hassle-free, cost-effective and adheres to the latest industry standards, technology trends and compliance codes.

We are ready to guarantee permit approval with our team of licensed and registered design engineers.

AmperSolar Solar Design Mission Statement

AmperSolar came into existence with the urge of offering expert designing consultation, site assessment, and design and permitting services to help solar PV installers and developers attain project completion with ease. There are times when installers, developers, and house owners face financial loss and project delay due to the lack of experienced solar designing and permitting partners. Our sole objective is to help solar installers and developers avoid diverse pitfalls that may result in permit failure, construction delays and revenue loss. Fully dedicated to ensure client satisfaction, AmperSolar team is the one-stop solution for all your solar designing and stamping needs. You can trust on our words and experience in the industry and hire our team for for the following tasks:

  • Create Solar PV design basis which includes - equipment selection, string configuration, complete plant layout, yield optimization, cable management strategy, ground coverage ratio, inverter selection, inverter power factor requirements, inverter loading ratio, and cable sizing.
  • Electrical design drawings of solar PV systems, including Single Line Diagram (SLD) and Three Line Diagram (3-Line) and array layouts.
  • Utilize structural, mechanical, and electrical design skills with the ability to generate accurate, highly detailed construction drawings and documents.
  • Maintain compliance with the National Electric Code (NEC) and local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) regulations regarding PV Solar Systems.
  • Use the experience and knowledge of engineering principles and practices to excel at analyzing latest technical tools and evaluating tools.
  • Coordinate with suppliers and 3rd-party personnel for best equipment and material selection during the design and development of Solar PV systems.
  • Assist in creating energy estimation, energy simulation, yield assessment reports, for finance and business development using various software like PVsyst, Homer Pro, Aurora, SolarGIS, Helioscope etc.
  • Liaise with project development teams for the overall design and development of Solar PV systems.